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Highland Park Whisky Distillery

Highland Park on the Island of Orkney is Scotland’s most northerly distillery and produces a varied range of highly regarded malts. It is one of the few distilleries that continues to malt its own barley - although only about 20% of the total malt it uses for production. Peat and sherry wood play a big role in shaping the flavour profile of the single malt produced here. Highland Park is more gentle with the peat flavours than some of the more aggressive Islay whiskies making it a good choice for whisky fans who are progressing on their peat journey but aren’t yet ready for the big hairy beasts from the south-west!

The entry level Highland Park 12 year old is a fantastic example of well balanced, attractively priced whisky that combines fruit, spices and wafts of peat to great effect. A quick glance at the reviews on our sister site shows the huge affection that single malt enthusiasts have for the wonderful Highland Park 18 year old.

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