About Whisky Marketplace including Frequency Asked Questions and legal information

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

You only show results from UK retailers, why is that?

We launched Whisky Marketplace with a group of trusted UK retailers - most of whom ship worldwide - all being well we will start to include whisky retailers from other countries and continents in the not too distant future.

Can my whisky shop be included on Whisky Marketplace?

If you are an online whisky retailer and you're interested in having your catalogue of whiskies appear in our search results please email

The price was different when I clicked a product link, why is that?

When retailers change their prices it can take up to 48 hours for the price to update here on Whisky Marketplace. Always check the price on the retailer's site before completing your purchase.

Once I make a purchase from one of the listed retailers, is Whisky Marketplace responsible for ensuring the order arrives safely?

No, Whisky Marketplace is only a search and price comparison site. Always read the terms and conditions when buying whisky from an online retailer.

Can I use these images for my website, blog or App?

That's not up to us. We have express permission to use these images, but they don't belong to us. As such you would need to seek permission from the retailer who owns the images.

What does 'Beta' mean?

This is a new website and it is in the process of being tested, so we are still ironing out a few of the creases. If you spot something that doesn't work or could work better please let us know.

Do you offer a whisky valuation service?

We don't provide a whisky valuation service - sorry.

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