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Glenfiddich Whisky Distillery

Currently the world’s biggest selling single malt, Glenfiddich is a brand of which even non-whisky drinkers are aware. Credited with being one of the first distilleries to actively market its whisky as a single malt - as apposed to producing whisky to be included in blends - this iconic brand is a familiar sight in just about any decent bar you’re likely to enter. Consistently high standards, even at high volume production, coupled with the kind of marketing clout being the number one offers you, mean that very few brands are likely to challenge Glenfiddich’s dominance in the foreseeable future.

With the notable exception of a recent expression auctioned for charity - unlike many of the other large Single Malt Scotch brands’ recent exploits, the owners have not so far succumbed to the lure of the ultra-premium bottlings which fetch eye-watering amounts on the collectors and investors market, and instead focus on a core range of high quality and reasonably accessible single malts. Ubiquity has its drawbacks and Glenfiddich is perhaps not the most celebrated malt amongst the more elitist drinkers but then when you are the world’s number seller it’s questionable whether you need to worry about such things!